Dmitriy Maryasis

PhD in Economics

Fedorchenko A. V., Maryasis D. A. Israeli Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Pages of History (The Beginning of the 21st Century)

Vestnik IVRAN, 2020, №4 » HISTORICAL Studies AND ARCHАEOLOGY » FROM THE HISTORY OF Russian Oriental STUDIES, 219-232, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7302-2020-4-219-232

On the Issue of COVID-19 Influence on the Israeli Socio-Economic Development

Vestnik IVRAN, 2020, №3 » Economy and politics of Asian and African Countries » in the 21st century, 304-316, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7302-2020-3-304-316