Irina Glushkova

Dr. of History
IOS RAS » Center for Indian Studies
Chief researcher
Журнала «Ориенталистика» » Редакционная коллегия
член редакционной коллегии

Glushkova I. In Search of Emotions under the Skies of South Asia, or An Invitation to the ‘Affective Discourse’. Part V. The Global Context. From Thesis to Antithesis to Synthesis, and Again Around

Vestnik IVRAN, 2020, №1 » HISTORICAL Studies AND ARCHАEOLOGY » Problems of Methodology, 198-210, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7302-2020-1-198-210

“Irawati Karve” by Durga Bhagwat. Under the Skies of South Asia: Intraspecific Competition in the Academic World. Part I

Vestnik IVRAN, 2018, №1 » Переводы, 196-205